Door dials no or wrong number

- Phone number from as-delivered state not reconfigured (Device in as-delivered state dials phone number 11 and 12) - Wrong phone number configured - Door call station has not accepted configuration -> See: Door call station cannot be configured - Distant end in the building rings once, no voice connection -> Configure *2 (2 second pause) before and after the phone number

Door call station cannot be configured

- The phone with which you are configuring the door hands-free phone does not send DTMF tones -> Use phone with DTMF dialling - Enter configuration mode correctly with *0000

No (direct) voice connection following call setup

- Check a/b port -> The port in the phone system / PABX must be generated as a phone port, not as a TFE/Door call station/FTZ

Nameplate is not illuminated

- No power supply - Power supply is connected incorrectly (poles reversed)

Door opener is not activated

- Check the door opener connection -> Use the closer - No power supply for door opener -> on site (not in parallel with Behnke power supply) - Call station sends no DTMF tones -> See: Door call station cannot be configured - Code for opening the door is not or is incorrectly configured (as delivered condition 0#)

Door call station has no function

- Check or measure a/b port - If additional supply is connected, check whether it is floating - Several door call stations connected in parallel -> Each phone requires its own analog connection and its own floating power supply - Loop current of the phone system / PABX -> must be larger than 20 mA See: Technical data of the door call station

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