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Door intercom system series 5

A simple and economical solution!

Behnke's Series 5 door intercom systems are particularly suitable for private and small-scale commercial use.

They do not require a second cable system but instead use the features of the phone system. By connecting the exchange line to the phone systems not only is building communication possible but you can also phone "outside".

The entrance door can be opened using the standard indoor phone (possibly by mobile phone also).

With the new Series 5 door phones you now use the Behnke industrial standard at home too. Metal design – quality made in Germany!

You can only purchase the products through the specialised trade.






Various application and connection options


Don't be afraid of technology!

Use your existing DSL router with a/b port


DSL router

The electronics are fixed to the wall inside the existing letterbox. The microphone and loudspeaker are fastened directly onto the existing sound holes by means of double-sided duct tape or screws.




Series 5 in 5 steps

You expect a parcel to be delivered. The postman rings the bell on your intercom.

An individual voice message is played to greet them.

While you are at your neighbour's place, your mobile phone starts ringing.

You answer the call, speak to the postman ...

... and ask him to please deliver the parcel next door.




- Compact door phones in metal design
- Can be connected to an existing phone system or a suitable DSL router
(note technical requirements)
- Integrated additional amplifier (power adapter required)
- Integrated floating relay for switching function (Example: door opener)
- Freely programmable direct call buttons
- Hands-free/open listening (full duplex)
- Configurable remotely
- Individual voice announcement*


- Extra flat and slender design
- Door phones with front panel in stainless steel, silver or white powder coated
- Illuminated nameplates*




*Power adapter required


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